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🥇The best Free Tour of Malaga Book Free! Urban Tours Malaga

We are Urban Tours Malaga and in our Free Tour of 1:45h you will receive The Best Story in a Funny and Anecdotal WayAt the end of the activity, we will send you a map with our favorite bars, beach bars and rooftops.

Every day at 11:00h and 17:00h, Look for the White Umbrella in Alcazabilla Street next to the Crystal Pyramid. Check our special Easter Week schedules!



What will we see during the Tour?

Roman Theater.

Malaga Cathedral


Meeting Point Free Tour in Malaga - Paraguas Blanco

The meeting point of the Free Tour will be in Alcazabilla Street in front of the steps of the Roman Theatre next to the Crystal Pyramid.

In order to better organize our tours, booking is mandatory. It's easy, free and takes less than a minute. Book now!




Urban Tours Malaga are the white umbrellas. You will see companies with all kinds of umbrellas, but they do not belong to our company unless they carry the official white umbrella of our company.

Below, we provide you with the best Guide to Malaga.

Where to eat in Malaga

Looking for a list of the best restaurants in the city? Check out our guide on where to eat in Malaga and discover more than 20 restaurants to suit all tastes, you can also download a map with all the options marked on your mobile!

Malaga Museums

Roman Theater.

What to do in Malaga

What to see in Malaga

Malaga News

Malaga Diner

How do the free tours of Malaga in Spanish work?

Our freetour in Malaga is a free price guided tour, it is totally free to book and at the end is when you decide the price of the tour depending on how the guide does it, although normally the payment is usually about 10€ per person.

Frequently asked questions about Freetours Malaga

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our Free Tours in Malaga in Spanish.

Can I enter the Malaga Free Tour without a reservation?

It depends on the number of places, due to an organizational issue it is mandatory to book, so we can organize the groups, the necessary guides and priority is always given to participants with reservation to access the tour. Although it is possible to enter without a reservation, we cannot guarantee it.

If we are a large group, can we join the free tour of Malaga?

The free tours Malaga have a maximum capacity of 10 people per group, if you are a larger group you must hire a private tour or pay a minimum price set from the beginning. If you are in this situation we recommend you to contact us in advance at 661495790 or Even if reservations are made separately, the price will be charged in advance for the guided tour of Malaga.

Are the guides of this free tour of Malaga professional?

Of course, all our guides have the Official Guide accreditation in Malaga, but not only that, they also have experience guiding in some of the best companies in Europe with the best customer ratings. That's why our free tour Malaga on Google is on its way to be the best rated.

Is there a Free Tour in Malaga in the afternoon or at night?

Yes, the Malaga Afternoon Free Tour is one of the most popular. The Malaga night free tour is done during the summer months to avoid the sweltering heat. We discover the city at various times so you can choose the time that suits you best.

How long will the Free Tour of Malaga last?

Our tour of Malaga usually lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes, but this may vary depending on what the guide considers best for the group depending on the circumstances, if you do not plan to finish the tour, better do not start it.

The guides do not receive any kind of salary from the company and pay a commission to the company for each participant, to pay for the advertising and online work that all this requires, not to mention the years of preparation, effort and concentration that their work requires. This is their job and we all like to get paid for our work. However, if you didn't like it you can leave the tour and you have no strings attached.

In case of bad weather, will the Free Walking Tour Malaga go out?

Of course, the only thing you need to get to know Malaga is a smile and the desire to discover this architectural jewel.

What is the minimum group size for these activities in Malaga?

The minimum number of participants for this type of activity in Malaga is 7. In case of a smaller group, the guide can cancel the tour. However, it is quite strange that the minimum number of participants does not appear.

Can the tour be done with a wheelchair?

Of course, we do not prevent anyone from enjoying the city on our tours. However, please note that it is a walking tour and the guide is not responsible for any participant, so there must be a person in charge of carrying the chair.

What type of clothing is recommended for the Malaga tour?

Malaga is a very hot city in summer and mild in winter, so the cold is not usually a problem. However the heat in summer can be suffocating. At this time of year we recommend participants to be well hydrated and to wear suitable clothing for a good walk. Covering the head with caps or hats and moisturizing them can be a good option.

Is it advisable to take the free tour Malaga if we travel with children?

Yes, remember that all of our guides have previous guiding experience so they are used to giving tours in the presence of children. In fact we try to involve them during the tour so that they enjoy it as much as possible and learn curious facts about Malaga. It is also possible to do the tour with a baby stroller.

Can I do the freetour Malaga if I will not be able to finish it?

In our experience, it is not recommended to do the tour if you are not going to be able to finish it, as the tour is an intertwined story that is resolved little by little and usually a series of unknowns are revealed in the final part of the tour, so if you leave the tour early you will be left halfway. It is also possible that the tour may sometimes take longer, so we recommend not rushing to take this tour.

How far in advance is it recommended to go to the meeting point for the free walking tour Malaga?

It is generally recommended to arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance, so that the guide can welcome all participants and organize the group to start on time. It is important to arrive in advance as you will often have questions to ask the guide before starting the tour, so arriving a little earlier can be very convenient.

Does the free Malaga tour include visits to historical buildings, cathedrals or churches?

As in almost all free tours, the tour is usually outdoors and although we stop at some historic buildings, the guide will tell you the most important of them as well as visiting hours.

In our opinion the free tour is an opportunity to get acquainted with the city with an expert guide and in the rest of the time you spend in the city you can visit what has caught your attention. In any case, on occasion there may be a surprise and you will be able to enter a building.

If you have any further questions, you can leave a comment or send us an email to

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