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Free Tour Malaga

We are Urban Tours Malaga, the best Free Tour in Malaga!

At Urban Tours, we take pride in having expert guides who are passionate about the history of Malaga.

How did Urban Tours Málaga come about?

After many trips, we noticed that Free Tours are almost always platforms used by companies to sell their paid tours and with very uninteresting content…

And for us, Free Tours represent a warm welcome to the city you are visiting for the first time, as if a friend was showing you their favourite corners of the city and telling you the most curious stories.

It’s even a way to get to know your own city better. That’s why we have created our Free Tours of Málaga.. to make you feel like you are visiting Málaga with a close friend, in a fun and entertaining way.

In our 1.45h Free Tour you will get to discover the essence of the city and receive a list with the best gastronomic recommendations in the city.

At Urban Tours Málaga, we are a serious company that values quality and professionalism.

We want our travellers to immerse themselves fully in the history of Málaga and to learn all its secrets.

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