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Meteorology in Malaga

Visit our article and check the current weather in Malaga live, the weather forecast for the next days and a very detailed information about the weather in Malaga in the different seasons of the year.

The weather in Malaga is fairly constant throughout the year, but nowadays, almost anyone will check the weather in the place they are travelling to before they travel to make sure they are wearing the right clothes.

Most probably you will be lucky and you won’t need to bring warm clothes or rain gear, but just in case, we explain in detail both the current temperature in Malaga, as well as the weather in Malaga in 15 days.

Current temperature in Malaga Aemet

Current temperature in Malaga Aemet

Click on the graph, and you will be able to consult live the current temperature in Malaga, captured by the Meteosat satellite for the next 4 days.

If you want to know the long-term temperature in Malaga, you can check the weather in Malaga 14 days.

Malaga weather today

The weather for Malaga tomorrow

Rain Malaga

Rainfall in Malaga is not very common, as it only rains 36 days a year on average. Partly due to climate change, rainfall in Malaga nowadays is sometimes torrential, so flooding is becoming more and more common.

Temperature in Malaga throughout the year

The weather in Malaga is one of the great wonders of this city, as Malaga has a very mild climate. How can it not be called the Costa del Sol if it has more than 320 days of sunshine a year.

You can consider that the summer lasts 7 months, from April to October. To finish conquering you, we will tell you that the average temperature in Malaga during the year is 18.4┬║C.

Although the weather is fairly constant, don’t miss our tips to find out what the weather is like in Malaga at any time of the year and make your stay in the city easier.

Malaga weather in winter

The weather in Malaga in winter is one of the reasons that makes a visit to the city all year round pleasant, although it is quite likely that you will not be able to swim in the sea, but it is a very pleasant time of the year to visit the city, as during the central hours of the day it is usually sunny, but without the high temperatures of the rest of the year.

Cómo es el tiempo en Málaga

The mountains in the north of Malaga prevent the cold temperatures from the north of Andalusia from entering the city. Another factor that influences the mild temperatures is the breeze that comes from the Mediterranean Sea.

Average temperature and rainy days in January:

  • Average maximum temperature: 17┬║.
  • Average minimum temperature: 8┬║.
  • Rainy days per month: 5 days.


If the day is cloudy, you will probably need light warm clothes and closed shoes, but the temperature will probably be above 10┬║ even on this type of day.

However, if the day is clear, even if it is cold at the beginning of the day, from midday and with sunshine, the temperature will be quite pleasant and you can probably even take off your coat for a while.

The weather Malaga in spring

As in many Spanish cities, spring may be the best season to visit Malaga if our main objective is cultural tourism, as there may be some hot days, but most of them will be quite good for sightseeing.

El tiempo en Málaga en primavera

Average temperature and rainy days in April

  • Average maximum temperature: 21┬║.
  • Average minimum temperature: 11┬║.
  • Rainy days per month: 4 days.


If you are visiting Malaga in spring, you are likely to enjoy sunny days with pleasant temperatures, above 20┬║. It is advisable to check the temperature before travelling, but if you are lucky, you will probably be able to go one day with short sleeves, although it is advisable to bring some light warm clothes on top.

Malaga weather in summer

While it is true that Malaga is not as hot in summer as many other cities in Spain, there are two factors that can make a visit a little more uncomfortable at this time of year.

If the sky is overcast, the humidity can be a bit oppressive, and the terral which is the characteristic wind of Malaga, which appears especially in August and can be quite annoying. Nothing that a cold beer can’t fix.

Average temperature and rainy days in July:

  • Average maximum temperature: 30┬║.
  • Average minimum temperature: 20┬║.
  • Days of rain per month: 0 days.


If you are going to visit Malaga in the summer months, it is very important that you always carry sun cream and water with you. It is also recommended to keep your head covered and if you are visiting the centre, it is advisable to seek shade.

Earlier we mentioned the terral. It is a type of warm and dry wind that appears especially in summer. Let’s hope you don’t have to suffer from it, as sometimes it can be difficult to even go out in the street.

Fortunately, it does not usually last many days in a row, but as we say in Malaga, the terral only appears on odd days, that is to say, we can have terral for 1 day, 3 days or 5 days but it will rarely occur on even days.

The weather Malaga in autumn

The beginning of autumn, is considered by many people in Malaga still as summer.In many occasions in the month of October, there will be temperatures approaching 30┬║, so it is still possible to practice sun and beach tourism, and a very good time to practice cultural tourism. It is also true that as November and December arrive, the temperatures begin to decrease gradually.

El tiempo en Málaga

Average temperature and rainy days in October:

  • Average maximum temperature: 24┬║.
  • Average minimum temperature: 15┬║.
  • Rainy days per month: 4 days.


Autumn is probably the most changeable season, as October is very similar to summer, so you should be careful with the sun and take precautions such as sun cream or water, but in November and especially in December, you can find some cooler days, although you hardly need a coat in autumn in Malaga.

We hope our tips have been useful and that you have been able to enjoy your visit to the city and the weather in Malaga.

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