The best beaches in Malaga in 2020

Do you want to discover the best beaches in Malaga? In this text we tell you which are the ones you have to visit if you want to enjoy a good dip, an idyllic setting and an unbeatable climate.

The Costa del Sol is one of the most visited areas in Spain. And for good reason. The climate is ideal, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and also the enormous quantity (and quality) of beaches in Malaga invites you to spend a few days of relaxation and disconnection. The crystal clear waters, the quiet atmosphere all year round, the warm temperatures and the many beaches throughout Malaga make it the ideal area.

In Malaga city there are beaches for all tastes and audiences. Some are more to enjoy with the family, surrounded by good atmosphere and services, and others are less known and noisy where you can stop time and just relax.

In this post we present you the best beaches in Malaga, capital and surroundings, with the index updated to the year 2020 and the new normality post COVID-19.

Best beaches in Malaga city

Malagueta Beach

We start with the best known beach in all of Malaga.. One of the jewels in the crown: the Malagueta. It is usually quite crowded. It is the ideal beach for those who are in Malaga city, do not want to go far away and do not mind the company. With the new measures due to the COVID-19 situation, the Malaga City Council has regulated the capacity and access to the Malagueta beach.

The beach is more than a kilometre long and is located between the port of Malaga and the Caleta beach, ten minutes from the centre. It has good views and the sign that announces the beginning of the beach is an essential photo that many visitors do not hesitate to take. There we can find many beach bars and services for the whole day: security, cleaning, sunbeds, umbrellas … Idyllic place to enjoy the typical “espeto malagueño” (you can not leave Malaga without trying it).

The atmosphere of the Malagueta is young. An ideal place to spend the afternoon not far away, take a dip and enjoy the most famous beach in Malaga. Also, the quality of its waters (calm) enjoy the Blue Flag certificate. A very winning option.

Playas de Málaga (la Malagueta)

La Caleta Beach

It is located in one of the richest areas of the city, between the Malagueta and the Baños del Carmen, on the Pablo Picasso promenade.

It is a beach very visited by the people of Malaga. There you can practice volleyball or exercise on the machines available along the beach. It is usually quite crowded. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Malaga and has access for people with reduced mobility.

Baños del Carmen Beach

It is a mainly pebble beach. The waves are quite gentle and therefore it is an interesting option for families with small children. Many young people also choose it as a place to swim and relax.

This beach was once a spa, built in 1918 and the first in Spain to be considered mixed. A pioneer at the time.

It is not a very large beach (just over half a kilometer) and is usually quite visited by the locals themselves.

Pedregalejo Beach

Pedregalejo is a beach of Malaga with charm. Located next to the oldest fishermen’s quarter of the city. It is a little further away than Malagueta but it still has all kinds of services and restaurants where you can recharge your batteries. Of course, there is no shortage of typical stalls with a wide range of sardine skewers.

A rather iconic promenade (one of the most important in Malaga) crosses the beach of Pedregalejo Pedregalejo beach. Ideal for a stroll between bathing and swimming.

The sunsets from this beach are another of its great attractions. You will have to walk a bit to get there, but you won’t regret the visit.

Peñon del Cuervo Beach

One of the favourite places of the locals. On this beach there are usually parties, barbecues, meals and parties on the beach. It is quite far away, so it is a good choice if you do not want beaches with buildings and bustle around. In fact, there are no restaurants nearby. The closest ones are in the nearby area of La Araña.

The place has a lot of ecological value and only a cement factory spoils a little the natural landscape. But in spite of that, it is one of the best beaches in Málaga city.

El Palo Beach

The El Palo beach in Malaga is located in the neighbourhood of the same name, a traditional seafaring area of the capital. It still retains some of the atmosphere of the old days: low houses, small fish restaurants along the promenade and fishermen’s boats on the shore.

Although the neighbourhood has always been in Malaga, the beach, just over a kilometre long, has all the possible services. Another of the best options for choosing a beach in Malaga. And as in Pedregalejo beach, El Palo is ideal for eating fish. One of the favorite places for locals to go to taste the best food of the city.

Playas de Málaga (playa de El Palo)

El Dedo Beach

A little further away than El Palo, El Dedo beach is the next in geographical order. Like all those in the area, it has an atmosphere of fishermen and traditional neighborhood, but also with bars and all kinds of services. It has a length of half a kilometre and good accesses and post-COVID-19 measures..

El Candado Beach

Following the coastal map of Malaga, the next beach is El Candado, next to the Club Nautico. It is small and not too frequented by tourists.

Calahonda Beach

Calahonda is a quiet beach, not too crowded, where you can sit and enjoy the tranquility and the sound of the sea. A very good option for those who are looking for beaches in Malaga where you can lie down, disconnect and not find too many people.

Playas de Málaga (playa de Calahonda)

Beach of Maro

Surrounded by cliffs and rock formations, Maro Beach is one of the best Maro Beach is one of the best considered beaches in Malaga city for its views of the sea.. Highly valued both by tourists (foreign and domestic) and by the inhabitants of Malaga.

La Misericordia Beach

La Misericordia is a quarter of an hour from the centre (between Guadalhorce and Huelin). Between tropical palm trees, this beach is one of the most popular in Malaga city.. With dark sand, it is more than a kilometer long and has all the amenities to spend a day at the beach with services for a drink and a good tribute.

The Malaga-Melilla ferry, known as the Melillero, arrives at the port of Malaga every night and can be seen from the Misericordia beach.

San Juliá Golf Course Beach

Many kite-surfers and lovers of water and wind sports gather here when the conditions are ideal.

It is a very long beach (about 3 and a half kilometers) and goes from Los Alamos to the Guadalhorce river. You can park without problems and has good access for everyone.

Guadalmar Beach

It is the one that continues after the Golf de San Julián. Very close to the mouth of the Guadalhorce river. It is not a very busy beach but being close to the airport you can hear the traffic of airplanes. Take this into account before you go.

In some areas nudism is practiced. There are restaurants nearby. By the way, a visit to the mouth of the river is also a great idea if you have time.

San Andres Beach

A place with history. In the year 1831 General Torrijos and his liberal comrades in revolt were shot on this very beach by the absolutist forces of Ferdinand VII.

With dark sand, it is a popular beach and frequented by locals. It is not very big (650 meters) and therefore is not usually too quiet.

Moral Cove

It is not exactly in the city of Malaga, but 10 kilometres away, in the town of Rincón de la Victoria.

If you have no problem to take the car and take a little detour, Cala del Moral is a family beach where you can enjoy good views, good quality water and easy access. Another great beach in Malaga.

Rincón de la Victoria Beach

It is also outside the city, 20 minutes drive from Malaga capital. But the distance does not prevent it from being one of the most chosen by the locals.

These are some of the best beaches in Malaga, that not everything ends in the Malagueta. Most of them are adapted to the new measures after the COVID-19 pandemic. In all of them you can enjoy an idyllic atmosphere and an unbeatable climate. ¡Write to us if you have any doubts!  !

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