Atarazanas Market Malaga

Atarazanas Market

The Atarazanas market of Malaga is the central market of Malaga, it was built between 1876 and 1879, although the building is of Muslim origin.

Nowadays it works as a traditional market with three sectors, one for fish, one for meat and one for fruit and vegetables, but it is also a very typical place to eat, as some fish stalls have tables where they cook fresh products for the customers.

Market Atarazanas Malaga history

As we said at the beginning of the article, the building dates back to the Muslim period and was used as a shipyard.

Mercado Atarazanas Málaga

At the end of the 19th century, it was decided to build a central market in this abandoned building.

At that time there were many markets in the city, but being in the open air, they had quite bad hygienic conditions, so this covered market was built to preserve the food better.

In 2008 a renovation was carried out that lasted until 2010 as the building was obsolete and in poor condition. A translucent roof was placed to allow better lighting of the market and stained glass windows with traditional details of the city were placed.

Atarazanas Market Malaga opening hours

The Atarazanas market (as many locals call it), is open from Monday to Saturday as Sunday is a weekly rest. It opens at 08:00h and closes at 15:00h.

Despite being a fairly touristy place, is a market with affordable prices, in fact if you go you’ll see many local people doing their shopping.

If during your stay you are staying in an apartment and one day you feel like eating some local fish, this is the ideal place to buy it.

Mercado Atarazanas Málaga horario

Eating in the market Atarazanas Malaga

We love to eat at the Atarazanas market, as you can enjoy very fresh and local food cooked on the spot. Inside the market there are several fish stalls that offer you the possibility to drink and eat.

Another option is at the main entrance of the market, where there are several stalls that have a terrace so if the day is sunny, it is an excellent way to try the typical fish of Malaga.

It is more typical to go to eat at a beach bar, from Huelin to El Palo you will see countless bars that offer you the option of eating fresh fish. But if you are in Malaga for a short time and you are not going to be able to go to eat at the beach, we recommend you to taste the local fish in this market.

Comer en Mercado Atarazanas de Málaga

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